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Dave Smith
Triple Korg Volca wood stand from Synths And Wood
Triple Korg Volca wood stand from Synths And Wood
Roland Aira Compact



Having been in the music industry since the early 90's and building up my studio I have always been creating new and unique ways to store my equipment and/or make it more functional.

So I started creating stands, racks and upgrading plastic or synthetic end cheeks for my synths, the concept was to add a touch of elegance to modern day synths using high quality Oak and other materials.

Creating practical stands that give a much nicer working and visual angle, this also allows you to have more equipment in a smaller working environment (which is always a bonus).

This has since progressed into a business with so many happy customers all over the world, including high end studios, music professionals and many home users.


So get in touch and add a touch of class to your existing studio and stand out from the crowd with our range of items made from the finest materials, we are based in the UK but we ship our items worldwide.


I mainly use high quality European Oak & American Walnut but I am also now using veneered MDF for the more price conscious consumer.

Thank you to all my customers for allowing me to follow my dream of continuing to be in the music industry in some form or other.

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